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Exoprimal Title Update 3 adds Monster Hunter to the mix

Dinos and dragons

Capcom launched a hefty new Exoprimal update that introduces new suits, another map, and a big Monster Hunter collaboration with the multiplayer game. The free update is live now, and Capcom is kicking off the celebrations with a Double XP event that runs through Jan. 22, 2024.

Top on the list of additions is a gaggle of Monster Hunter monsters, including Velociprey swarms and a boss fight against Rathalos. If it’s like the Street Fighter 6 crossover, you can expect new challenges with Monster Hunter-themed rewards for your Exosuit.

Speaking of Exosuits, Title Update 3 drops four new Beta suit variants for you to experiment with: Deadeye Beta with superior suppressive fire; Barrage Beta, which covers everything in sight with literal fire; Roadblock Beta and a snazzy-looking counter that absorbs damage and dishes it out again; and Skywave Beta, who can soar into the air and plunk down protective barriers for your team.

There’s a new jungle map that, fittingly, looks like Capcom plucked it right out of Jurassic Park, and a 10-player boss fight against the abnormally massive Neo Triceratops. If that all sounds like a bit much for your usual Exosuit to handle, Title Update 3 adds new modules and even a stealth rig to shake up your loadout.

Finally are the new limited-time offerings. Exoprimal will celebrate Lunar New Year’s and Valentine’s Day in February with special events and a chance to earn themed rewards.

Exoprimal may look a bit quirky, but I’m glad to see Capcom supporting it so strongly after launch. With Overwatch 2 slowly merging all player roles into one big damage-dealing lump, Exoprimal is one of the only co-op hero shooters left – and it’s a pretty darn good one at that.