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F1 24 release date seemingly leaked

It’s allegedly lights out and away we go again at the end of May
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Formula 1 fans are awaiting the upcoming season of the sport with bated breath and as usual EA Sports and Codemasters will provide the premium gaming accompaniment for it – a new entry into their officially licensed racing simulation series. According to the reliable billbkil-kun writing on French website Dealabs, F1 24 will be released on May 31, 2024.

That would put the game’s launch on the weekend after the Monaco Grand Prix happening from May 24 to 26, 2024. No races are scheduled for that particular weekend, with the Canada Grand Prix being the next event on the calendar from June 7 to 9, 2024.

F1 23 Vegas

There was no doubt about the F1 series returning in 2024, of course.

As the original report notes, the F1 series’ launch dates have been moving forward in time in the last couple of years, wandering from July for F1 22 over June for F1 23 to May.

Just like in previous years, there will seemingly be a Standard and a Champion Edition of the title with the latter containing undefined bonus content alongside a short early access period. Prices will allegedly be the same as last year with PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S being locked in as the game’s platforms. As for the last-gen consoles and PSVR2, billbkil-kun couldn’t provide any certain information either.

Missing from the report are any further details about F1 24’s content as well, such as if it would feature the continuation of the Braking Point story mode or do without a single-player campaign.

Until F1 24 gets the green light for racing, you can play F1 23 via Xbox Game Pass. It contains a Braking Point story featuring returning characters from the original campaign in F1 21 such as protagonist Aiden Jackson and antagonist Devon Butler, who are teaming up under the banner of a fictional organization. F1 23 also featured the debuts of the circuits in Qatar and Las Vegas, introduced mechanics for red flags during races, and added the F1 World hub to the game, where players can display and use earned cosmetic items such as luxury cars.

We expect most of these additions to return with F1 24, though it’s possible that Braking Point will follow the precedent of F1 22 and skip an entry, ready to return in F1 25.