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With the suggestion that Fable 4 is looking to CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series for inspiration, some fans are starting to get worried. As TheGamer first reported, parts of the Fable Reddit community are concerned that Forza Horizon maker Playground Games might borrow the wrong ideas from CDPR’s famously dark, gritty RPG series and leave Fable’s equally famous sense of humor behind.

VGC’s Jordan Middler said in a recent podcast episode that sources familiar with the game’s development believe Playground finally settled on The Witcher for inspiration after a long period where the team struggled to decide on the game’s direction.

“So they are basically making a completely different game and just using the Fable name to bank of it's [sic] reputation despite having basically nothing to do with the Fable games,” one Redditer said.

“I don't mind taking some inspiration from the Witcher, maybe in the world design department,” another said. “But… the combat in the Witcher 3 sucks. It's like controlling a floaty Beyblade that doesn't want to go in the direction you tell it to.”

Others pointed out that Fable and The Witcher aren’t too different in tone and concept. If you take away Fable’s silly humor, you’re left with a fantasy RPG that exposes the dark side of fairy tales – a natural fit for Witcher-style storytelling.

Whatever the Xbox game ends up being like, we probably won’t know anytime soon. Middler’s sources also said Fable 4 entered full production only recently and likely won’t be playable for a while longer.