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Fall Guys is getting a Fortnite port

And other announcements from Epic’s GDC presentation
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Epic Games had a whole bunch of news to share at its State of Unreal presentation at GDC 2024, including the fact that all assets and animations from Fall Guys would come to Fortnite, allowing creators to make and play their own levels through Fortnite Creative Mode. This Fall Guys port is set to take place in May 2024.

However, according to Eurogamer, this won’t mean the end for Fall Guys as a standalone title – fans of the silly take on the battle royale genre won’t have to download Fortnite to get their fill of falling beans any time soon. Speaking to the outlet, Epic Games executive VP Saxs Persson stated that “if we started Fall Guys development over today, we'd do it inside Fortnite.”

Fall Guys poster showing a bean drawing a blueprint.

Fall Guys will be available in Fortnite later this year.

With the game already being out and about as a standalone title, though, the company seems to take an “it is what it is” attitude and won’t make any drastic changes. For now, at least.

Of course, this is another massive get for Fortnite as a “platform” after last year’s releases of the Lego Fortnite survival crafting game, Rocket Racing mode, and rhythm game Fortnite Festival.

Originally developed by Mediatonic and launched in 2020, Fall Guys and its developer became a part of Epic Games a year later. Afterwards, the game arrived on additional platforms and went through a switch into a free-to-play model.

In its presentation, Epic Games also announced that the Epic Games Store would come to iOS and Android towards the end of 2024, featuring cross-platform functionality between the mobile platforms and PC. Developers of mobile games will be able to take advantage of the same 88/12 revenue split Epic is offering to PC game developers. Of course, this all has the caveat that Epic can only roll out the full package in the European Union, where recent regulation forced Apple to open up its ecosystem. In the US, the company can likely only bring its store to Android.

Epic Games Store mock-up on mobile phones.

The Epic Games Store will come to mobile devices towards the end of the year.

Several studios took to the Unreal stage to give insights into their own work with the engine with Funcom talking about upcoming survival crafting MMO Dune: Awakening, Zynga’s Natural Motion Games speaking about mobile arena brawler Star Wars: Hunters, and Chrono Studios showing its MMO Chrono Odyssey, which is going to be released via Epic Games Store.