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Final Fantasy 14: How to change appearance

A fabulous new you

How to change appearance in Final Fantasy 14 is something you can easily miss in the MMO game’s opening hours unless you know where to look. One method is locked behind a quest and only costs Gil, Final Fantasy 14's version of gold. If you want a complete makeover, though, you'll have to pay actual cash for it.

We explain how to change your appearance in Final Fantasy 14 below, including where to get new styles that aren’t in the character creator. This guide is for your character’s physical appearance only – not your clothing.

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Final Fantasy 14: How to change appearance

A Final Fantasy 14 Elezen with pink hair, wearing a white-collared pink shirt, is brandishing a pair of scissors at the camera.

The option to change your appearance is locked behind a quest, Beauty is Only Scalp Deep. It’s a level 15 quest in Limsa Lominsa, so it’ll take a little while before you can access it. Once you hit the required level, travel to the Upper Decks near the Drowning Wench (coordinates X:11.1, Y:11.0), and speak with the questgiver.

Your task is uncovering the truth behind the dangerous madman stalking the alleys of Limsa Lominsa, dubbed the Slasher of Fisherman’s Bottom by some. Except he’s not mad or a murderer. He’s just Jandelaine, a beautician on a mission to revive everyone’s sense of style.

What that means for you is traveling around Eorzea’s three major cities and speaking with people, because of course it does. You’ll need to visit:

  • The Blacksmiths’ Guild in Limsa Lominsa
  • The Carpenters’ Guild in Gridania
  • The Alchemists’ Guild in Ul’Dah

All the locations and the people you need to speak with are marked on your map, so it’s just a matter of teleporting to the nearest Aetheryte and making your way to the location. Bring all your supplies back to Jandeleine, and he rewards you with a token you can use to summon him for a makeover.

A Final Fantasy 14 Miqo'te wearing a blue robe is standing in front of a desk, speaking with an innkeeper.

To summon Jandeleine, visit any inn – these are located in every major city – and interact with the Crystal Bell near the door to your room. Jandeleine will appear and let you change your hairstyle, hair color, and facial markings.

Final Fantasy 14: How to get more character customization options

A Final Fantasy 14 Miqo'te is standing in the Gold Saucer lobby, speaking with a vendor.

Certain vendors will sell additional hairstyles that you can’t find anywhere else. Most of them in A Realm Reborn make their home in The Gold Saucer, so you’ll need MP earned from playing games there to purchase new looks. Some merchants in The Firmament also sell them, though you won’t have access to them until you finish the main Shadowbringers storyline and start the Ishgardian Restoration.

Some come from activities outside the main storyline – the Palace of the Dead, for example, or The Forbidden Land – and you can buy others from the Final Fantasy 14 online store.

Final Fantasy 14: How to change your character

You can also change your character’s fundamental aspects with a Fantasia potion. This item lets you alter your chosen race, subrace, gender, body style – pretty much everything, except your character name and data center.

You get one Fantasia potion after completing The Ultimate Weapon quest – a level 50 main scenario quest – though if you want more, you have to purchase them with real money from the game’s online store.