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It’s another highly-anticipated release and another occasion where physical copies of said game have already made their way to their buyers ahead of the official release date: Some players are already enjoying Final Fantasy 16 – not the PS5 game’s free demo, but the full thing.

While this is very lucky indeed for those whose copies have been shipped early or spotted some at their local store, this also means that spoilers are currently running free and wild everywhere on the internet. If you want to go into Final Fantasy 16 blind and without any knowledge of story and characters, you should probably avoid any social media regions even remotely connected to the Square Enix game. At the moment, most of the spoilers only concern the early game, but you never know when something big comes up. Better be safe than sorry, eh?

Hogwarts Legacy is another prominent example for this exact scenario happening this year, and somehow we get the feeling that Starfield might be up next.

Final Fantasy 16 will officially launch on June 22, 2023, on PS5, which is when everyone finally gets to experience the RPG. A PC port is definitely on the to-do list according to producer Naoki Yoshida, but it won’t come out in 2023.

Previews for the game and impressions from the demo have been very positive, so Final Fantasy 16 looks to be a worthy successor to its fabled series.