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Fortnite Chapter 5's map might've just been leaked and then deleted

Fortnite Chapter 5 may have had its map leaked, although a prominent leaker quickly deleted it

While the Fortnite servers are down for the 27.10 update, one of Fortnite’s most prominent leakers, Shiina, posted a tweet on Thursday showing what they claimed to be a work-in-progress version of the map for Fortnite Chapter 5, but quickly deleted it.

Chapter 5 is expected to start after the current season, Fortnite OG ends on December 3, 2023, so the team behind Fortnite is already well underway producing new items, events, and game maps for the new season. The source of this map comes from another leaker by the name of PeQu, who has a decent record of past leaks, although not quite that of Shiina.

The map seems to feature very uneven and hilly terrain, with a mountainous biome in the south, with the biomes slowly growing greener and flatter as you move further north – there’s also a big island on the northern portion of the map.

As it’s a WIP version of the map, it seems none of the POIs have been placed into the map yet, but if you look at things like the strangely rectangular gaps where the terrain changes color, you can see where it’s likely a lot of these buildings will go. It also means that things are still in flux, and elements of the map could be changed before an official reveal.

We don’t know why Shiina decided to delete their tweet showing the map. It’s possible that they don’t believe it to be credible enough to post about, or perhaps they were asked to take it down by Epic Games shortly after posting it, but it won’t be long until we find out how accurate it is.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is expected to start on December 3, 2023.