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Gears of War might be back on the menu

A job listing suggests The Coalition will return to the series
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Gears of War is a truly legendary series of third-person shooters with strong co-op elements, featuring lots of brutal combat scenes and a story around humanity’s struggle for survival. It has sold over 40 million copies across all games by 2022.

Gears 5 was the last main line entry into the series, being released in 2019, with a turn-based tactics title called Gears Tactics from 2020 being the last game coming from the franchise in general. Apart from Dave Bautista lobbying for a role in the Gears of War show adaptation to be made by Netflix, things were a bit quiet around the series recently.

Gears of War artwork.

The Gears of War series sold over 40 million games by 2022.

According to a PCGamesN report, though, this drought might come to an end at some point in the not-so-distant future, as a job listing at development studio The Coalition suggests that something related to the series is in the works.

The Coalition has been responsible for Gears of War since 2014, when Microsoft bought the IP from Epic Games and brought over the series’ creator to the Vancouver-based studio.

The developer is now looking for a “senior gameplay designer – Gears of War” to “forge the future of the IP” and “help create triple-A game experiences.”

That, of course, can mean many different things: Gears of War 6 is certainly on the table, but with remakes of classic games being all the rage these days there’s a real possibility of one of the older Gears of War titles to return.

The Coalition’s most recent project was the impressive Unreal Engine 5 demo The Matrix Awakens that was released during The Game Awards 2021 to show off the capabilities of Epic Games’ newest engine.