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Genshin Impact 4.2 will feature Furina and Charlotte

Characters for the update 4.2 banners have been revealed
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The Genshin Impact 4.2 update is expected to be released at the beginning of November 2023, but we already have something to look forward to: Furina and Charlotte have been confirmed as the Genshin Impact characters becoming playable in that patch.

Furina, who is also known as Focalors, the Hydro Archon, will obviously be a 5-Star character commanding the powers of Hydro. Her official artwork depicts her holding a scepter, which may double as a weapon, potentially confirming rumors of Furina being a one-handed sword user.

Genshin Impact Furina artwork.

Furina, the Hydro Archon, joins the roster of playable characters in update 4.2.

Here are the official descriptions of Furina that accompanied her reveal:

One lie always follows another, and so "justice" awaits inescapably at the end. The ignorant see this as some kind of farce. But if they trace back to the source, they inevitably realize that they began by deceiving themselves. – A disordered fable left in someone's dream by Mage "N".

Undoubtedly, Furina has been much loved by the people of Fontaine from the moment she became the Hydro Archon. Her charismatic parlance, lively wit, and elegant bearing – all bear witness to her godly charms. But perhaps the thing that she is most revered for is her unrivaled sense of drama. As the protagonist of a famous play at the Opera Epiclese once put it, "Life is like the theater – you never can tell when the twist will come." Furina is as inscrutable as the most cunning of stage characters, her course of action defying all prediction. In fact it's precisely for this reason that the god of Justice and Judgment, unapproachable in her divine majesty, has such a bewitching influence.

But when the curtain falls, a hollow feeling invariably starts to creep in. There are those who wonder whether there are moments in the dead of night when even a god like Furina feels the sharp pangs of loneliness. No, surely not. People couldn't possibly imagine, let alone believe, that such a scene might play out. And that's indeed the way it should be. That is, were it not for the fact that Furina's tears had already been silently washed away by the Fountain of Lucine.

Charlotte, a reporter of the Steambird who was the first playable character from Fontaine we met on our journey, will likely be a 4-Star character. It’s already been confirmed that she wields a Cryo Vision, though her weapon is as yet unknown. However, it seems likely that she’ll be a catalyst user.

Genshin Impact Charlotte artwork.

Charlotte, the Steambird's diligent reporter, joins the fray in update 4.2 as well.

Here are the official descriptions of Charlotte that got published with her reveal:

"...Euphrasie, three days ago, one of your journalists secretly followed a suspect all the way from the Court of Fontaine to Romaritime Harbor, and almost ended up being tied up and thrown into the sea by a gang of criminals. Whether or not there's any truth in the notion that 'nearer to the action is closer to the truth,' surely Miss Charlotte doesn't value her reports more than she does her own life?" – Yet another exasperated exchange between Captain Chevreuse of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol and Euphrasie, Editor-in-Chief of The Steambird.

Fontaine's famous newspaper The Steambird has a veritable legion of reporters it can call upon, each with their own area of expertise. Some specialize in celebrity gossip, others follow the word on the street, while others still focus on political affairs... But among them all, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to her seemingly boundless reserve of energy and perseverance – the inimitable Charlotte.

Unswervingly committed to the principle that "nearer to the action is closer to the truth," Charlotte has a habit of popping up literally anywhere and everywhere in Fontaine – from its widest avenues to its narrowest back alleys, its highest vantage points to its lowest subterranean vaults, even its tallest mountains to its deepest undersea caverns. She captures the "truth" with her Kamera, records it in her articles, and finally unveils it for all to see. And when the "truth" comes out, she's met with a variety of different reactions ranging from applause, to embarrassment, to outright fury. There are even some who would resort to any means necessary to make a particular article connected to themselves disappear. Or alternatively, just make Charlotte disappear.

For this reason, the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Euphrasie has on numerous occasions felt the need to distance Charlotte from the Court of Fontaine by sending her off on faraway "field reporting" jobs, only recalling her once the Maison Gardiennage or Special Security and Surveillance Patrol had finally managed to clear things up. But despite all this, neither the toil of the job itself nor the pressure of external denunciations and threats has ever phased Charlotte in the slightest. With her trusty companion Monsieur Verite by her side, she invariably carries out her journalistic duties with unfaltering fervor, rushing about in pursuit of all the "truths" out there just waiting to be discovered.

Before Furina and Charlotte join the fray, Neuvillette and Wriothesley will be added to the roster in the update 4.1 character banners.