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Genshin Impact players are very unhappy with Dehya

And she’s not even playable yet
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Update 3.5 for Genshin Impact will add Dehya to the roster of playable characters, making her available to be pulled from her character banner. Afterwards, she will be added to the standard banner, which is available independently of the current game version.

While Dehya is popular thanks to her looks and the demeanor she showed during the storyline so far, there has been a wave of critique targeting her – specifically her combat prowess. After leaked information had already made the community unhappy about what Dehya brings to the table in terms of skills and damage output, the character demo shown during the livestream for version 3.5 confirmed all the worst fears springing from those leaks.

Dehya in Genshin Impact holding her signature weapon.

Dehya looks stunning, but her combat effectiveness is being questioned.

Players pointed out that Dehya's attack combo doesn’t make a lot of sense. Her Normal Attacks consist of a string of four different moves, which all culminate in hits. Unfortunately, the third hit knocks back the enemy Dehya is engaged with, making the fourth attack miss. Her Elemental Skill is being criticized due its slow speed as well, making it a suboptimal Pyro damage source.

All that was shown quite clearly when Dehya unleashed her attacks on a Hydro Slime on stream, which didn’t look all too fazed by it – despite giving it her all, the mercenary merely managed to graze the monster.

Though she’s meant to be a bit of a hybrid between DPS and tank character, even the use of her damage redirection is being questioned – after all, shields exist in the game and so far seem like they’re the much better option.

It looks like Dehya won’t get the warm welcome she may have hoped for as players – or at least a loud group among players – have already written her off as useless.