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Genshin Impact leaks are not a new phenomenon, as information from ongoing tests of future game versions often find their way into the public ahead of any official announcement. A fresh wave of leaks is on another level entirely, though, showing ten potential characters from the region of Fontaine, which is supposed to be released with version 4.0 sometime in 2023.

Fontaine, the realm of the Hydro Archon Focalors, is a technological powerhouse in Teyvat with its designs inspired by Revolutionary France and Victorian England. Strict laws govern the nation, as Focalors is also known as the god of justice. Focalors herself might be among the leaked character models. She’s supposedly a young female with white hair, who wears a blue top hat and a blue coat reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Fontaine’s Chief Justice, Neuvillette, is another white-haired character wearing blue clothing. In his case, the outfit resembles a traditional justice’s robes.

Fans are intrigued by the designs of all the potential new characters, but have also noticed a few models that differ from the style of Fontaine. They instead sport familiar elemental visions that remind players of Mondstadt, Genshin Impact’s starting region.

In the game’s lore, Mondstadt actually controls a much larger territory than is currently playable, as the city also possesses a harbor town called Dornman Port located north of Mondstadt. It’s possible that HoYoverse will revisit Mondstadt sometime after the release of Fontaine, adding Dornman Port over the course of a map expansion northwards.

Among the possible Mondstadt characters are a young, pink-haired woman with an Anemo vision, who is clad in a red outfit that somewhat resembles Klee’s clothing, as well as a very intriguing dark-haired woman in what looks to be a hunter’s outfit. She’s holding a rapier-like sword, has a red rose pinned to her coat, and holds an apple in her hand. Some fans commented on being reminded of Snow White by the character, as this 19th-century fairy tale prominently features an apple and a huntsman. Since the tale was originally published in Germany, which serves as one of the main inspirations for much of Mondstadt, people figured the character could be connected to the city.

It’ll likely be a long time before HoYoverse is ready to confirm anything regarding Fontaine or a possible Mondstadt expansion with designs always being subject to change until then, so take these leaks with a huge grain of salt.

For now, update 3.4 with a ton of events and new character banners is almost upon us, focusing on Liyue’s Lantern Rite Festival and an expansion of Sumeru’s desert area.