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No fish is safe from being blasted by the best Genshin Impact Klee build – and don’t worry, Jean can’t put you under house arrest either. The daughter of renowned adventurer Alice, who was revealed to be the leader of Mondstadt’s Hexenzirkel as well, is one of Genshin Impact’s most adorable characters. One of the most destructive as well, but that’s just children, eh?

Klee’s Elemental Skill, Jumpy Dumpty, bounces three times in the direction you throw it, dealing Pyro damage in an area-of-effect with every impact. On the final bounce, the bomb splits up into several little mines, which explode on enemy contact or after a short timer runs out, dealing Pyro damage as well. Yeah, little Klee’s out there committing war crimes against Hilichurls.

Her Elemental Burst, Sparks ‘n’ Splash, sends out automatic Sparks ‘n’ Splash attacks for its duration, dealing lots of Pyro damage in an area-of-effect.

Best Klee weapons – Genshin Impact

It’s all about the attack for Klee, so Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is the perfect catalyst for her to use. It provides her with additional Critical Hit Rate, increases her movement speed (a big plus, since Klee’s range is short and she needs to move around a lot), and boosts her elemental damage.

Here are the best weapons for Klee in Genshin Impact:

  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5-star catalyst)
  • Skyward Atlas (5-star catalyst)
  • Solar Pearl (4-star catalyst)
  • The Widsith (4-star catalyst)
  • Sacrificial Fragments (4-star catalyst)
Genshin Impact Klee in front of explosions.

Klee is too cool to look at explosions. With the amount she causes that would make her blind anyway.

Best Klee artifacts – Genshin Impact

Both in terms of function and name there couldn’t be a better artifact set for Klee than Crimson Witch of Flames. It increases the damage of Pyro attacks by a lot and boosts the damage of all Pyro reactions.

You should get the following stat distribution on Klee’s artifact set:

  • Flower: HP (main stat), Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Attack %, Elemental Mastery (secondary stats)
  • Plume: Attack (main stat), Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Attack %, Elemental Mastery (secondary stats)
  • Sands: Attack % (main stat), Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Elemental Mastery, Attack (secondary stats)
  • Goblet: Pyro Damage % (main stat), Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Attack %, Elemental Mastery (secondary stats)
  • Circlet: Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Rate (main stat), Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Rate, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, Attack (secondary stats)
Genshin Impact Klee in the library.

You won't find the perfect artifact set in the library, Klee, but reading is indeed important for kids.

Best Klee teams – Genshin Impact

Klee is a classic Main DPS character and the central piece of any team she’s in. You’d think that she’s a fantastic unit to trigger Pyro reactions with, but reality is a bit more complicated, because Klee is a bit too fast for that – she applies Pyro effects at such a rapid rate that she outpaces most Sub DPS characters, making things a little inefficient.

  • Klee (Main DPS), Xingqiu (Sub DPS), Kazuha (Support), Bennett (Support)

Klee is the star of the show in this team, while a Hydro Sub DPS – Xingqiu, Yelan, Mona, you name them – does their best to keep up the Hydro application for consistent Vaporize reactions. Kazuha or Sucrose come in to provide elemental resistance shred, while Bennett provides a damage buff as well as healing.

You could alternate the structure of this crew a little bit, using another Pyro character like Xiangling or Thoma on the Sub DPS slot for a more Pyro-focused team.

Genshin Impact Klee arriving in Inazuma.

Klee is the star of the show in any team, so better ready your support characters.

Klee ascension materials – Genshin Impact

You’ll want to quickly raise Klee’s level when you finally pull her, which means that you’ll need to farm her ascension materials. You’ll also require some material to upgrade her talents.

Here’s what you need to get Klee to level 90:

  • Agnidus Agate Sliver x1
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x9
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x9
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6
  • Divining Scroll x18
  • Sealed Scroll x30
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x36
  • Philanemo Mushroom x168
  • Everflame Seed x46
  • Mora x2,092,530

Agnidus Agates are available from any Pyro-affiliated boss on the world map, such as the Pyro Regisvine in Liyue, which you’ll need to beat anyways to farm Everflame Seeds. Scrolls are obtained from defeated Hilichurl shamans, which can be found in any region. You’ll need to comb over Mondstadt’s buildings and roofs to pluck Philanemo Mushrooms, which only grow attached to structures.

The best way to earn more Mora is to farm golden Ley Line Blossoms.

Here’s what you need to upgrade all of Klee’s talents to their maximum level:

  • Divining Scroll x18
  • Sealed Scroll x66
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x93
  • Teachings of Freedom x9
  • Guide to Freedom x63
  • Philosophies of Freedom x114
  • Ring of Boreas x18
  • Crown of Insight x3
  • Mora x4,957,500

For the items already mentioned, check above. You’ll need to visit the Forsaken Rift Domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday to farm Books of Freedom. Rings of Boreas are another material obtained from the Mondstadt region, as you’ll have to defeat the Lupus Boreas challenge to get them.

Crowns of Insight are a rare item gained from time-limited events or regional reward mechanics like the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru or the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma.