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Genshin Impact merch is now available in the United States via Amazon

HoYoverse opens an official store on the platform
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Update (January 17, 2024): The Genshin Impact merch store on Amazon is now open after the problems have been sorted out. You can check for the best offers below and see what's available.

Update (January 15, 2024): HoYoverse and Amazon seem to have encountered some issues with the Genshin Impact merch store that will hopefully be solved soon.

"Dear Traveler, We have encountered some technical difficulties regarding the Amazon store. We are currently working on the issue urgently. The products will be available for purchase soon. We will be sure to provide further updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding."

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Original (January 15, 2024): Official merchandise for Genshin Impact has always been hard to get, as fans had to catch one of the rare pop-up store events, import the articles, or get them at conventions. Buying Genshin Impact merch has just become a lot easier, however: HoYoverse has opened an official Genshin store on Amazon on January 15, 2024. An opening event with various discounts will run until the end of January 24, 2024.

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Various products that will gladden the hearts of fans are on offer. If you have a favorite character in the game, then chances are you might fancy one of the character stands available. Currently, you can get a stand for every playable figure from Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru. The Traveler (both Lumine and Aether), Paimon, Tartaglia, and Dainsleif are available as well. Only Fontaine is not represented at the moment, but we can be sure that the region’s roster will join the line-up in the near future.

Genshin Impact artwork showing all the Archons.

Official Genshin Impact merch is finally available in the US via Amazon.

Owning some of these, I can say that they are very easy to assemble, consisting of a base plate, a background plate, the character plate, and – only for Inazuma characters – a name plate.

Fans of plushies are served as well: The Teyvat Zoo product line contains plushie keychains that see several characters represented as animals, while slime chibi plushies are available as well.

One of the many great aspects of Genshin Impact is its art and enthusiasts can now purchase mousepads with some of the version keyarts and other official pieces. These are not just great to look at, they’re also fairly large and stick to surfaces quite well. I have some of these as well and have been very happy with them.

Probably the highlight of the goods is the Spark Knight figure of Klee, a beefy 1/7 scale figure of the adorable, little pyromaniac. This one looks great and is a must-have for Klee fans.

Chibi figures of Paimon stuffing herself with food as well as Mondstadt and Liyue characters striking combat poses are available in three different blind boxes. They require a little bit of assembly, but everyone will be able to manage that.

It was never easier to get official Genshin Impact merch in the United States than now, but better be quick: This stuff is probably going to sell like hot cakes.