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Two Genshin Impact NPCs have found love and fans are digging it

Finally some successful shipping
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The newest Genshin Impact livestream showed fans what they could expect in update 3.5, such as the upcoming character banners and a special reward for claiming Prime Gaming bundles.

When showing off what this year’s Windblume Festival in the city of Mondstadt has to offer, the presentation contained an artwork depicting some of the game’s characters hanging out on a field of grass. In the background, fans spotted two figures standing very close to each other.

Genshin Impact 3.5 artwork.

Timaeus and Ying'er are visible in the background of 3.5's key art.

It was quickly discovered that they resemble two NPCs we know very well: Timaeus, an alchemist from Mondstadt, and Ying’er, a shop assistant from Liyue.

During the A Study in Potions event last year, we escorted Timaeus to Liyue to support his research. Over the course of the event, Ying’er got involved in the project and helped things along – leaving quite the impression on Timaeus.

How could she not, with dialog like this:

Genshin Impact Ying'er dialog.

Goodness, get a room you two! Oh, they did?

Even then, the dynamic between the two spawned a ton of speculation about their possible future together.

Turns out that Timaeus was apparently not just another flirt for Ying’er, at least if we go by this new piece of artwork.

Fans are very happy that these two NPCs have found each other: “YES! My man Timaeus taking a huge W this time”, said one elated fan on Reddit.

Twitter, too, is full of congratulations to the new couple, elated that HoYoverse finally made a ship between two characters canon. It's a happy day for the fandom and you can get even happier by checking the Genshin Impact codes page and getting some free primogems.