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Genshin Impact update 4.5 to add Training Guide feature for easy character-building

A step-by-step guide to upgrading your characters
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HoYoverse’s offensive in regards to Genshin Impact quality-of-life improvements continues in the upcoming update 4.5, as the developers have revealed. This new feature will be called “Training Guide” and essentially give players a step-by-step walkthrough to upgrade their characters.

The Training Guide will estimate how well you’ve built your characters and will highlight the areas that could be improved, such as their artifacts or talent levels. Each of these areas get their own help pages to assist you with upgrading them. For example, the character ascension category is going to list all the ascension materials required to level up the current character, providing you with their farming locations – if you just need a general pointer, this eliminates the need to look for material locations outside of the game. Detailed farming routes, of course, are still best found in external guides and can still save you a lot of time.

Genshin Impact screenshot of Yae Miko.

In the tabs for weapons and artifacts, the game will recommend you picks commonly used by other players on the same character, even telling you how to get ahold of this gear. A system like this already exists for artifact set recommendations and it works pretty well, so this should be a great resource for new or more casual players who simply want to make their units effective for regular content. Hyper-optimization for endgame content will still require you to look up specialist guides outside of the game, but this is a fantastic system for the majority of users.

It’s a similar story for talent level-ups: The Training Guide will give you a priority list for which talents to upgrade first, directly listing the required materials and where to get them.

The Training Guide will be available in the Paimon Menu alongside the other important functions such as your Character Menu, Party Setup, and so on.

We’ll hear more about the new version in the Genshin Impact update 4.5 livestream.