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Cute turn-based RPG Goblin Stone gets a Q1 2024 release window

Turning the usual trope of adventurers fighting goblins on its head
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Goblin Stone, the upcoming turn-based RPG from Orc Chop Games, will be released in Q1 2024, the indie developer announced. Sporting an adorable hand-drawn artstyle, this game combines elements of roguelike greats such as Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire.

Players are tasked with helping a tribe of goblins, which has been hunted to near extinction by adventurers, survive and rebuild. They’ll be able to create bands of goblins from nine classes, leading them on expeditions to gather valuable resources for their underground lair. Rebuilding that homestead will be another challenge players have to take on. There is even a breeding system in the game that allows users to create especially powerful goblin combinations.

Screenshot from Goblin Stone showing a band of goblins fight against giant rats.

Tactical turn-based RPG Goblin Stone finally has a release window.

Goblin Stone has a fully-narrated story mode voiced by James Smillie and an original soundtrack by composer Peter McConnell, who created the music for games like Hearthstone, Psychonauts 2, and Monkey Island.

“We really felt that we wanted this game to truly reflect the vision we had for it, and that players get to experience Goblin Stone exactly as we intended,” said Vince McDonnell, founder of the Philippines-based studio. “We’ve been working on this game for many years and it’s become a labor of love for the team. Orc Chop Games are beyond excited for players to soon delve into this meticulously crafted world.”

A final closed beta test of the game recently concluded, providing the developers with feedback ahead of release. As a result, they were able to polish some combat animations, address a few performance issues, and improve some features of the UI, among other things.

You can currently play a free demo version of Goblin Stone via Steam, where the game will launch this quarter alongside the Epic Games Store.