The Before Your Eyes creators are making a new game

It’s set to debut during the Tribeca Film Festival
Nice Dream

Skybound Games and Nice Dream, a studio from the makers of the award-winning indie game Before Your Eyes, are teaming up for a new project: Goodnight Universe. Nice Dreams will debut the narrative-driven adventure game at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, and the team promises to “push the boundaries of interactive entertainment” with an evolution of Before Your Eyes’ face-tracking tech at the foundation of their sci-fi project.

“The success of Before Your Eyes showed us that there is an audience of like-minded people out there who seek out games to emotionally engage them in ways other mediums simply can’t,” Nice Dream co-founder Graham Parkes said in a statement. “We founded Nice Dream Games to continue to make games for that audience, which push the limits of what interactive storytelling can do.”

Goodnight Universe stars a psychic six-month-old baby named Isaac. Isaac, and presumably their family, just wants to live a normal baby life, but a shady tech company has different plans in mind.

“We are so excited to work with Graham and Oliver and the talented team behind Nice Dream Games again,” Skybound managing partner Ian Howe said. “We are incredible admirers of their creative use of technology to deliver first-of-its-kind gaming experiences.”

“Skybound and Nice Dream are dedicated to bringing compelling stories to everyone and feel that interactive entertainment is a medium  capable of conveying powerful stories that can't be told any other way. Before Your Eyes is a prime example of this, and Goodnight Universe is shaping up to be yet another boundary-breaking video game.”

Skybound also recently announced a crowdfunding campaign to help with production costs for an AAA Invincible game. As of the time of publication, Skybound has only raised 10 percent of its $5 million goal.

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