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Cygames and Arc System Works announced Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, a sequel to the first Granblue Fantasy fighting game with a new story, fresh features, and more. Granblue Versus is based on the original mobile game Granblue Fantasy and is separate from the traditional RPG Relink. Versus Rising will launch worldwide sometime in 2023 for PC, PS4, and PS5, and it supports rollback netcode and cross-play right out of the box.

Rollback netcode helps reduce input latency, even for players connecting thousands of miles apart from each other. It’s a feature that fans request frequently with any similar online game and an area where the first Granblue Fantasy Versus never quite managed to satisfy its players.

Versus Rising will add a new RPG story mode, with a simplified way to catch up on the chapters from the original game for those who never played or need a refresher, and introduces new characters alongside the existing roster of two dozen fighters. These characters will play a role in Granblue’s new story as well.

It also features improved graphics and a new island lobby where you can explore and play while waiting for a match.

On top of all that, Rising has multiplayer party games – an item hoarding game and a Fall Guys-style obstacle course race.