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GTA 5, or rather GTA Online, has received its biggest update in a long time with version 1.67, with new story content, vehicles, changes to existing content, and massive quality of life additions that are long overdue.

Not everything is positive, though, as there’s a few controversial changes that players are very unhappy about. The full patch notes are far too long to include here, at over 3000 words, but we’ve had a read through and put together a list of the five biggest changes in GTA 5 1.67.

GTA 5 1.67: Los Santos Angels

Perhaps the biggest part of the 1.67 update is the addition of Los Santos Angels, which lets players form a new operations group called, well, the Los Santos Angels. You’ll be teaming up with Charlie Reed to launch Project Overthrow, which gives you access to six new story missions and three new freemode missions.

To access the new content you’ll need to purchase and install the Operations Terminal inside your Mammoth Avenger, so it’ll come at a cost, but it should be pretty fun if previous story missions are anything to go by.

GTA 5 1.67: Avenger and hangar updates

Speaking of the Mammoth Avenger, there’s been some changes to how that and the Smuggler Hanger work. You no longer need any other facility to own the Avenger, and it can be stored inside a hanger, which is nice. There are also new upgrades, such as new weaponry, defenses, and a thruster.

The Smuggler Hangar got some new missions added too, and you can pay to have cargo sourced for you, bypass the smuggling setup mission, and access additional weapon pickups inside the hangar.

GTA 5 1.67: New and returning vehicles

As with any big GTA update, the new vehicles are the big draw. Version 1.67 adds seven new vehicles, and brings back a few more that were previously limited time but can be purchased generally now. There’s five new cars, four returning cars, and two new planes.

Here are the newly added vehicles:

  • Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT (Sports)
  • Maibatsu MonstroCiti (Off-Road)
  • Declasse Walton L35 (Off-Road)
  • Vapid Ratel (Off-Road)
  • Vapid Clique Wagon (Muscle)
  • F-160 Raiju (Plane)
  • Mammoth Streamer216 (Plane)

And here are the vehicles that were previously available in a limited capacity, now available for general purchase:

  • Weeny Issi Rally (SUV)
  • Toundra Panthere (Sports)
  • Karin Hotring Everon (Sports)
  • Willard Eudora (Muscle)

GTA 5 1.67: Removed vehicles

Unfortunately, the seven new vehicles won’t make up for the nearly 200 vehicles that have been removed from GTA Online’s stores, in what Rockstar says is a “streamlining” of the purchasing experience. The removed vehicles will remain in the garages and inventories of players who’ve already bought them, but nobody else can buy them… unless they pay for GTA Online’s current-gen-only subscription, GTA+

GTA+ subscribers will be able to purchase some of the cars through the Vinewood Car Club, and the selection available will rotate on a regular basis. It’s obviously not ideal to take a bunch of cars that were previously publicly available, lock them behind a paywall, and then call it “streamlining” but hey, companies do what companies do.

GTA 5 1.67: Quality of life changes

There are a bunch of smaller changes to the experience that should make it much more enjoyable to play. You can now change sprinting to be a hold button instead of a tap, which frankly should have been in the game from the get go and it’s wild that such a basic accessibility option went unaddressed for almost a decade. You can also claim all of your destroyed vehicles at the same time when calling Mors Mutual Insurance, which is an absolute godsend.

Some of the menus for different activities and organizations have been merged down and simplified, you can add custom descriptions to garages when calling the mechanic, some missions can now be launched solo, and so much more. There’s also hundreds of fixed bugs, so if you’re interested in the nitty gritty you can check out the full patch notes.

In the meantime, Rockstar is continuing to work on GTA 6, but it’s still likely to be a long way off.