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Notorious GTA 6 heckler invades the stage at Opening Night Live 2023

How does he not have a ton of heat on him yet?
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Opening Night Live 2023 started off heated as Geoff Keighley had to fend off a heckler invading the stage after the initial music performance by Starfield’s composer. The person in question asked for details about GTA 6 before he was chased off the stage by security, with Keighley saying how “disappointing” this act was on such a special day for gamers worldwide.

Referencing a similar incident at The Game Awards, the guy said that “Bill Clinton wants GTA 6.” 

At least Keighley is becoming well-practiced in dealing with things like that, huh?

This is not the first time this particular heckler stormed a live show: He went on camera at a German game TV show called “Schlag den Star” last year asking similar questions and only recently repeated his performance during a live show discussing soccer – German football icon Stefan Effenberg was ready to throw hands immediately, but thankfully the invader was quickly carried off before they came to blows, though not before he got a glass of water poured over himself.

If this were GTA, the guy probably would have had so much heat on him already that he’d never have gotten into Opening Night Live in the first place, but apparently his stage invasions have flown under the radar of the relevant authorities so far.

Honestly, we half expected this one to be a set-up for a reveal trailer.