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GTA 6 leak appears on TikTok just before the trailer could drop

A fitting finale for the waiting period
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Update: The trailer has been released early. Watch the GTA 6 trailer here.

It looks like a final GTA 6 leak appeared on TikTok shortly before Rockstar could drop the first official trailer for the game – check here for the GTA 6 trailer release time in your region – and in quite the on-brand fashion, the whole affair might have been caused by the worst sort of betrayal.

The GTA 6 TikTok leak supposedly gave us our first look at the GTA 6 map, which – to be frank – didn’t look all that exciting or insightful. It’s your stereotypical American metropolis, at least to this European’s eyes. It looked like warm weather there, so those old Vice City rumors we’ve been hearing for ages may well pan out to be true, should that leak be real. It looks plausible enough to be, at least.

Rockstar logo on a sky background.

Rockstar recently announced the GTA 6 trailer release date.

Unconfirmed rumors immediately circulated that the son of a senior developer at Rockstar North was behind the leak, but it now seems like one of said son’s friends may be the culprit – at least supposed evidence of that seems to be available on social media.

We can neither corroborate the identity of the leaker, nor the validity of what the leaked footage showed at this point. The same goes for chat logs from the alleged leaker circulating on social media, which claim to reveal new details on GTA 6, like a Fall 2024 release window and the fact that GTA 6’s map will supposedly be twice the size of Los Santos from GTA 5. According to those logs, the map will sprawl out over several cities and suburbs.

As mentioned above, the leaker’s account as well as the original footage have been deleted, though fragments of the leak have survived in many repost videos on TikTok.

Whether it’s an actual leak or not, it shows that people are more than hungry for GTA 6 at this point and it’s a fitting finale for the excruciatingly long waiting period for real footage, which will definitely end on December 5, 2023, with the release of that official trailer.