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GTA 6 trailer reveals Rockstar’s next crime game at last

The official Grand Theft Auto 6 news you’ve been waiting for
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This is not a drill: Rockstar Games has dropped the first GTA 6 trailer, revealing the next iteration of its iconic Grand Theft Auto series – just as the developer promised last month. Well, almost as promised. Rockstar bumped the trailer release up a little earlier, after it leaked on Twitter.

You can watch the official GTA 6 trailer below:

Going by the trailer footage and how Rockstar tends to work, it’s unlikely that GTA’s core gameplay will be changed up all too drastically for the upcoming release. You’ll still be an underdog living the life of a criminal - two criminals, this time - as you try to stake your claim to money and fame in a mixture of RPG, shooter, and life sim. It's still unclear what your goal is and even who you are, aside from being an ex-con who gets out of jail and returns home. Even Rockstar's YouTube description gave nothing away, aside from the trailer song - Love Is A Long Road, by Tom Petty.

GTA 6 has been in development for several years at Rockstar and is probably the most highly anticipated game ever, but you'll have to wait a while longer to experience it for yourself.

Rockstar said GTA 6 won't release until 2025.

Its predecessor, GTA 5, was released in 2013 and has become one of the most successful video games of all time thanks to an endless tail of sales generating a steady influx of players even a decade after launch as well as the lucrative GTA Online mode, which handed Rockstar all the monetization levers of a live-service game.

We had to wait for this GTA 6 trailer for a long while, so it’s no wonder that an entire history of fake GTA 6 trailers and leaks came into being in the meantime. Just hours before the first official trailer dropped, a GTA 6 leak on TikTok was widely circulated. Let that be the final leak, real or fake, making the rounds: Fans finally have some 100% official footage to obsess over and read way too much into, so let the speculation and theorizing begin as every last pixel in this trailer gets analyzed and interpreted.