Helldivers 2 players celebrate triumph as last Automaton stronghold falls

Nothing ever went wrong after someone said “mission accomplished”

Helldivers 2 is having a literal “mission accomplished” moment – the final Automaton stronghold has fallen to the assault of Super Earth and High Command is in high spirits, ordering all forces to the Terminid front to subjugate the last of humankind’s enemies.

“Victory is ours, Helldivers,” an official communiqué read. “The socialist Automatons have been purged from their last, desperate footholds within our galaxy. Liberty and democracy have been made safer thanks to your valiant individual sacrifices, and SEAF forces are quickly deploying to former Automaton-controlled planets to rebuild and repurpose them for our own means. Operation Swift Disassembly has succeeded, and the Bot Reclamation is never to prevail.”

It continued: “Our focus now shifts to the Terminid front, where Helldivers are being deployed to pave the way for additional E-710 farms. As we expand the reaches of our great and prosperous society into former Automaton space, greater numbers of resources will be needed, and we must be prepared. Bring that E-710 home, Helldivers!”

This is an exciting time for players – many Helldivers who made it their priority to fight the robots ever since the game launched are making their first foray onto the other side of the galaxy, which is full of giant, man-eating bugs. Another unpleasant surprise awaits them in the form of Hellmire, a bug planet that truly does justice to its name – this burning world with its fire tornadoes almost makes you miss the Creek.

With Super Earth celebrating victory on the Automaton front, it seems to have forgotten that the robots communicated with something outside of the galaxy – and that this something may want to check out why it doesn't receive any more communications. Oh, well. What could possibly be going wrong? It’s not like the strategically important planet of Cyberstan is just two worlds away from the galactic edge and would easily fall to a lightning campaign, now that all forces have been redeployed to the Terminid front.

Seriously, since the War on Terror is one of the conflicts Helldivers 2 so successfully satirizes, it’s safe to say that this “mission accomplished” moment will not result in eternal peace on Super Earth’s western flank.

However, it’s likely that players will get to savor their victory for a couple of days at least – not only have they earned it, there is currently a rampant issue that causes the game to crash. Arrowhead stated that it’s working on a hotfix for this and will likely not drop any significant content before this has been applied and confirmed to be working.

Marco Wutz


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