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Hexxen: Hunters is a tactical RPG with a German horror pulp spin

German tabletop RPG HeXXen is coming to life in this adaptation
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Hooded Horse and Ulisses Spiele Digital have announced Hexxen: Hunters during the Future Games Show at gamescom 2023. This tactical RPG with turn-based combat and real-time exploration is based on Ulisses’ tabletop RPG setting HeXXen: 1733.

Modernity is knocking at the door, but medieval superstition, religious schisms, and the huge division between rich and poor as well as nobility and commoners is more than apparent – in that sense the setting of Hexxen: Hunters is no different from history. However, supernatural forces are at work in this world. Not only have humans learned to use supernatural energies to power pre-industrial machines, horrors like witches, vampires, and satanic secret societies are very much real in this world. It’s a bit grimdark and a bit pulpy, but fans of Grimm fairy tales (the hardcore originals, not the Disney versions) will feel right at home.

Hexxen: Hunters is set 100 years after the tabletop game – the gates of hell have opened and the world is in danger of being overwhelmed by the creatures that have been unleashed. Players are cast in the role of Hunters, powerful heroes with the necessary skills to hunt all that supernatural vermin down. You can form a party of four from eight available characters that each have their own equipment and skill trees, providing unique synergies depending on the roster you roll with.

Hexxen: Hunters screenshot a female warrior attacking a horror creature.

Franziska is one of the playable characters in Hexxen: Hunters.

Similar to something like Darkest Dungeon there is a central hub that serves as your base and can be upgraded over the course of the game, giving you a boost in your campaign.

The turn-based combat is supposed to focus heavily on combo attacks and will feature enemies with unique attack patterns that must be studied if they are to be defeated. Real-time exploration is part of the game as well. The visuals are a bit reminiscent of Borderlands and Tiny Tina.

Hexxen: Hunters is set to be released on PC via Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024.