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Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 and Switch more likely than ever after dataminer find

Color symbolism is doing a lot of work here
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Rumors about rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush, Microsoft’s surprise hit from 2023, coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch have been abound for a while and just got a little more meat to them thanks to findings of dataminers. Digging through the latest update for the title, they found five t-shirt texture files that reinforce the port gossip.

A motif on Xbox-green background with “Shadowdropped” spelled above it should symbolize the game’s initial surprise release that started its success story. The two other textures, however, are held in Switch-red and PlayStation-blue tones.

“Rock Out! Anywhere” is printed on the red t-shirt, which echoes Microsoft’s repeatedly publicly stated policy of bringing its games to as many platforms as possible, while the blue shirt says “I’m Here Baby!” – perhaps to emphasize the feeling of surprise many players may have when spotting a first-party title from Microsoft on Sony’s console.

An anime man with a robotic arm and a group of animated people behind him are suspended in midair over an explosion.

The final two t-shirts contain phrases referencing Steam and Epic Games Store, the two major PC stores Hi-Fi Rush is available on, thereby completing the roster of noteworthy platforms the game can be played on now – and, presumably, in the near future.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has confirmed the legitimacy of these findings.

Recent online broadcasts from Microsoft and Sony did not contain any news on Hi-Fi Rush, but there are rumors of a Nintendo Direct coming up in February 2024 – one of those traditionally is scheduled for this time of the year – and the show might finally lift the curtain on what everyone has been expecting for a while now.

While not an official confirmation by any means, it’s another strong hint that adds to continuous chatter from insiders about these ports being in the works.