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Hi-Fi Rush, the surprise smash hit from Tango Gameworks that launched earlier this year, is set to receive a big update in July, adding two new game modes, new features, new songs, and more.

The update, which is titled the Arcade Challenge Update, was revealed in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, which showed off a bunch of stuff that Microsoft wasn’t able to fit into the main Xbox Games Showcase. That extended showcase also showed off a deeper look at Avowed, Towerborne, 33 Immortals, and more, all of which are looking pretty good.

The Arcade Challenge Update for Hi-Fi Rush adds two new game modes, BPM Rush and Power Up! Tower Up!. BPM is an enemy rush game mode that challenges players to survive multiple waves of enemies to the music as the music speeds up, up to a blistering 200 BPM.

Power Up! Tower Up! has players taking on the Rhythm Tower challenge, but with the ability to upgrade stats and grab other boons in between rounds. Upgrades increase your stats, but lower your score multiplier, while Bugs will boost your score, but provide some negative debuffs too.

The update also adds new special attacks featuring CNMN and Smidge, more stickers and filters for photo mode, new outfits for Chai and Korsica, and a bunch more. It seems like a pretty beefy update, and the best part is that it’s entirely free.

Hi-Fi Rush had a very successful shadow launch in January, something that not every game could pull off. As we said in our review, it’s a risky, bold game that takes the best parts of Saturday morning cartoons and dresses them up in an exciting rhythm-based action combat system.

It’s a game that benefited massively from being on Xbox Game Pass, since from the moment of announcement players could hop in and play it on a number of platforms without many barriers. It wasn’t made specifically for Game Pass though — Hi-Fi Rush had been in the works long before Game Pass even existed.

Hi-Fi Rush’s Arcade Challenge Update will be available to all players on July 5.