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While there is no official Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mode in Avalanche Software’s open-world RPG, a famed Skyrim mod team is already on the case to rectify things: The Together Team has been conducting the first tests of a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod called HogWarp.

This will allow you to team up with a friend on the PC version of the game and explore the halls of Hogwarts together, as shown in the first video the team has released of the project.

It’s not quite clear as of right now if The Together Team aims to make the entire game including its quests playable in co-op, or if the goal is simply to provide the tools for co-op exploration. In any case, having a test build ready just a week after the Deluxe Edition launch of the title is very impressive.

The Together Team is responsible for one of the best Skyrim mods, Skyrim Together. It allows an entire group of people to enjoy Bethesda’s RPG, which just like Hogwarts Legacy does not have an official multiplayer mode, together.

It’s likely going to take some time for the team to get HogWarp off the ground in a big way, but the first test build is already available for paying supporters of the team via Patreon.

Lack of multiplayer has so far not hindered the success of Hogwarts legacy, as it outsold Elden Ring in the UK during its launch week, broke a viewership record on Twitch, and reached a peak of almost a million concurrent players on Steam during its first weekend.

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