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Honkai: Star Rail – Black Swan revealed for update 2.0

Coming in the first patch of 2024
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Black Swan has been revealed as an upcoming Honkai: Star Rail character for update 2.0. This confirms that the inbound version 1.6, which will be detailed in the next Honkai: Star Rail stream, is not just the final patch of 2023, but of 1.X in general. This means Black Swan will be part of the big Penacony update early next year.

Voiced by Arryn Zech, who is best known for her role as Blake Belladonna from RWBY, Black Swan is a 5-Star character following the Path of The Nihility and dealing Wind Damage.

Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan reveal artwork.

A look at Black Swan, the first playable character from the Garden of Recollection.

Here is what the official announcement has to say about her:

"If I can identify and encapsulate a fragment of memory before it's unveiled to the world, those solitary moments of delight are my most favored and unique memories."

A Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection. A mysterious and elegant soothsayer. Bears a warm smile and is willing to patiently heed the words of another, and thus uses such means as a pretext to enter "memories" and gain a comprehension over the flow of all information. Feels strongly about collecting unique memories, yet the thoughts that guide her are hard to glean.

Being associated with the Garden of Recollection makes her a colleague of the mysterious woman on the Astral Express, who stands watch near the Forgotten Hall. She should be connected to Fuli as well, who is the Garden of Recollection’s chosen Aeon.

Black Swan is actually a familiar face for fans, since she was prominently featured in the early Myriad Celestia Trailer: Fables About the Stars Part 1, which provided players with an overview of the available Paths in the game. However, she hasn’t made an actual in-game appearance so far.

Version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail is expected to launch on February 7, 2024. First, Dr. Ratio, Ruan Mei, and Xueyi will join the game with update 1.6.