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Honkai: Star Rail – Don’t Open This!!! mail may net you Sampo for free

Compensation for getting rickrolled
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It’s Sparkle release day in Honkai: Star Rail and the Masked Fool has a special present for all players of the mobile game to celebrate her launch that may net you a free copy of Sampo. Everyone logging into the game after 12pm server time on February 29, 2024, will receive a package from Sparkle via in-game mail, titled “Don’t Open This!!!

However, you’ll really, really want to open the letter, because it contains ten Fuel to refill your Trailblaze Power with as well as a unique item to represent Sparkle’s package in the game – definitely read the description.

Honkai: Star Rail item description for Sparkle's Wondrous Pack.

Can hear her giggle at the thought of rickrolling all of us? What a menace.

That’s not all, though. In addition to these items, players will receive random surprise rewards for opening the package, because of course – what could be more on-brand for Sparkle? Some of these rewards are rather underwhelming, such as Praise of High Morals or literal Trash. You can also get one Credbit, which can be exchanged for 100,000 Credits, so that’s already a lot more useful.

However, there seems to be a jackpot of sorts as well: Some users have reported getting a free copy of 4-Star character Sampo, a fellow Masked Fool and friend of Sparkle. This is without a doubt the best possible reward we know about so far – unless there is a chance of Sparkle herself appearing. We haven’t seen that happen yet, though.

As far as we know there doesn’t seem to be a special condition for receiving the free Sampo – it’s really just a random draw. Not a surprise, given that this is the most amusing way to execute this whole thing and we know that Sparkle is always looking for new ways to please The Elation. 

You have 30 days to claim and open the package after it landed in your mail, so be sure not to forget about it.

HoYoverse has already given Sparkle three trailers and now this nice in-game surprise, so you know she’s in high favor at the Shanghai HQ. Not that we mind.