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The Embers Exchange in Honkai: Star Rail has been refreshed on June 1, 2023, which means you can now purchase five Special and Standard Star Rail Passes with leftover currency from your previous Warps. This feature is present in other HoYoverse games as well and is a great help for any – but especially free-to-play – players to get additional Warps.

If you’re new to HoYoverse’s titles, then you should know that this offer of buying five Special and standard Star Rail Passes in Honkai: Star Rail’s Embers Exchange refreshes every month, so this is a very easy way of obtaining ten Warps on a regular basis. The currency needed to purchase items in the Embers Exchange can only be obtained as a by-product of previous Warps.

In addition to Star Rail Passes, which are needed to get additional Warps for new characters and Light Cones, the Embers Exchange sells Tracks of Destiny, which are valuable materials to level up your characters’ Traces. If you have the currency, it’s worth getting them while their price is reduced.

The Starlight Exchange’s offers have also been refreshed: You can now obtain copies of Sampo and Natasha there, in case you want to add them to your roster or wish to upgrade their Eidolon levels further.

Honkai: Star Rail Embers Exchange.

You can purchase five Special and regular Star Rail Passes through the Embers Exchange each month.

In general, though, it’s a good idea to save the currency specific to the Starlight Exchange for the 5-Star Light Cones on offer there, which are very powerful since they are the signature weapons for the 5-Star characters on the standard banner.

Speaking of banners: You have one more week to pull for Jing Yuan and his signature Light Cone – on June 7, 2023, Silver Wolf comes in to replace the powerful general with the first Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 banner.