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Honkai: Star Rail Kafka trailer proves that she’s an absolute menace

Those IPC bounties on the Stellaron Hunters keep rising
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If I wasn’t planning on pulling for Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail anyway, her new character trailer definitely would have convinced me – it makes her shine quite brilliantly: her silky voice, her smooth combat moves, her elegant look – perfection. As always, HoYoverse’s trump card is what you hear: Kafka’s love for classical music is present in the form of violins and Vivaldi’s Winter, which then become electrified to match the frantic symphony of chaos and violence she commits on screen.

What do we learn about Kafka, then? One thing you’ll notice when watching all of the trailers for the Stellaron Hunters, who are playable Honkai: Star Rail characters so far, is that their bounty is shown on screen. Silver Wolf is worth 5.1 billion Credits, Blade 8.13 billion Credits, and Kafka’s bounty once again tops that with a staggering 10.899 billion Credits. Oh, she’s a baddie alright.

That very much seems to be justified: Kafka is performing a massacre in this trailer as she’s infiltrating some sort of facility – probably belonging to the IPC, making her victims IPC guards. She’s mind-controlling them, forcing them to shoot one another, and executes at least one of them in cold blood. None of the Stellaron Hunters up to this point – not even edgelord Blade – has gone this far.

And yet from what we know from the actual story in the game so far, it’s hard to see Kafka as a pure villain – the Stellaron Hunters are clearly without scruples when it comes to reaching their goal, but we can’t help but get the feeling that this goal, in the end, is very similar to that of the Trailblazers.

That’s a lot of words for saying that this trailer is bloody awesome and HoYoverse has again outdone itself – both Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail have had their fair share of absolute masterpieces.

Kafka will be released on August 9, 2023, so good luck to anyone planning to pull for her.