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Honkai: Star Rail Pure Fiction mode redeems Erudition characters

Play the Kuru Kuru song and enjoy
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The brand-new Pure Fiction game mode is now available in Honkai: Star Rail, challenging users to defeat enemy waves as quickly as they can to score big. It’s a fun challenge and requires a bit of a different approach compared to the Forgotten Hall game mode, which is especially great as it allows a different cast of characters to have their time in the spotlight. Pure Fiction is a perfect stage for followers of The Erudition.

Characters following The Erudition are marketed as wave-clearers thanks to their area-of-effect attacks, but most of the endgame content in Honkai: Star Rail is geared towards single targets – leaving Erudition characters in a bit of an awkward position. Until now, that is.

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Ultimate.

She's back, baby!

Start up the Kuru Kuru song, because Herta and Himeko will have the time of their lives in this mode. Unlike in regular battles, in which the weaker fodder enemies are gone very quickly and won’t respawn before the next wave comes up, they are immediately replaced in Pure Fiction, which means that the follow-up attacks of Herta and Himeko can consistently be triggered for basically 100% uptime. Add a Ruan Mei in there for even greater Weakness Break and all you need to do is grab a cup of tea, lean back, and enjoy the show.

Obviously, other followers of this Path – characters like Jing Yuan and Argenti – perform well in Pure Fiction, too, but it’s especially noteworthy that Herta and Himeko, who are widely known as not being “meta,” are so impactful here. It seems like a great decision from HoYoverse to provide another permanent game mode that focuses on a different aspect of players’ rosters, giving all kinds of characters some value.

Pure Fiction will run alongside Memory of Chaos, which is available in the Forgotten Hall, being refreshed periodically and allowing players to earn item rewards as well as Stellar Jade.