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HoYoverse released a new Honkai Star Rail trailer delving into Xianzou legends and giving some background about the RPG’s upcoming 5-star character Jing Yuan. The trailer tells the story of the Xianzhou fleet in HoYoverse’s usual fashion, a series of beautifully animated illustrations, and sets the stage for a galactic conflict between two of the Aeons.

Centuries before Star Rail begins, the Xianzhou were lured into a trap by the Aeon of Abundance, or so the story goes. She promised eternal life, and once the people of Xianzhou reached the end of their natural lifespans, they didn’t die. They turned into undead monsters with an insatiable appetite for blood and destruction.

The Xianzhou considered it their mission to purge the stars of these monsters – and wage war on the Abundance, with the help of the Aeon of the Hunt, their patron deity, and the six cloud generals who led their mighty armies. That mandate apparently continues into the present, as the Xianzhou fleet and cloud generals – including Jing Yuan, who leads the alliance's flagship vessel – continue traveling the galaxy and crushing all those who stand against them.

It seems pretty likely the Xianzhou story will continue in the game’s first major update, though in what form, we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, the setup is markedly different from Genshin Impact, where every region is self-contained, and interactions between them take place only in conversation or, rarely, in events that bring characters from different regions together.

HoYoverse hasn’t announced a date for the next version update, though assuming it follows the same six-week structure as Genshin Impact, we’ll likely see 1.1 release around June 7, 2023.