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Players of Honkai: Star Rail have found their daily groove, farming resources, progressing in the story, and advancing through the Simulated Universe as well as the Forgotten Hall. With version 1.0’s second set of banners coming up, which include Jing Yuan, HoYoverse is mixing things up in a different way as well – Honkai: Star Rail’s first in-game event is coming up.

It’s called Boulder Town Super League and takes place in the Underworld city’s fight club, which you might remember from the story quest taking place there. As one might expect, this event will be all about battling and proving yourself in combat. You’ll need to survive five challenges, which each send four waves of randomized opponents against you, to triumph and obtain all the rewards.

Among the spoils of victory are 600 Stellar Jade, which you can invest into pulls. Credits, XP materials for your characters, Light Cones, and Relics, and a Track of Destiny are included in the reward pool as well.

The Boulder Town Super League is set to start on May 19, 2023, and you’ll need to have reached Trailblazer Level 21 as well as unlocked Boulder Town to participate.

According to the in-game notes, one more event aside from this one is scheduled for version 1.0, so this likely won’t be your only chance to earn additional Stellar Jade. With some cool characters standing ready for update 1.1, you can never have enough currency at your disposal.