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Life By You is the next life sim by one of the visionaries behind The Sims. It features an open world and enough customization options to make your head spin, but there’s one thing is doesn’t feature: death by sickness or “unfortunate means”.

“We actually removed all of that due to COVID,” Paradox Tectonic boss Rod Humble explains. “So we had the idea of sickness and death by unfortunate means, but it just didn't really sit right. And it's not that game. The game doesn't come with any violence in it.

It does come with nudity and romantic relationships. And that's really more about the emphasis of that kind of storytelling, the important stuff. I think there are a lot of games out there that already do violence and the dark side a lot better. We're also life sim, and you can make Grandma and your family. We don't want people to see horrible things happen to Grandma. That's not cool. So yeah, we've tried to make it as nice as we can.”

Natural death is a part of Life By You, but like everything else in the game, it’s a choice. When your death day comes, you can just tell the Reaper to come back another time and carry on.

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