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Lords of the Fallen update 1.1.243 patch notes: Performance optimization, more NG+ changes

Hexworks has pushed out another update
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Developer Hexworks has released another update for Lords of the Fallen, the Soulslike that sold over one million copies since launch and was hailed as a great success by publisher CI Games. There is still smoothing work to be done in regards to technical issues as well as balance, and a continuous stream of patches has facilitated exactly that since release. Earlier this week, patch 1.1.224 added new NG+ options and other useful changes, which are getting expanded in this new update.

Patch 1.1.243 contains several technical fixes working on stabilizing performance and raising FPS in some areas, but also comes with additional NG+ changes and AI adjustments, which aim to reduce enemy density during NG0.

For now, here are the full Lords of the Fallen update 1.1.243 patch notes.

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Lords of the Fallen's performance is getting another boost with patch 1.1.243.

Lords of the Fallen 1.1.243 patch notes


  • To access both NG+1 and NG+0 from the anchor, we've changed the text to "Start New Adventure". We observed that some people were confused and hesitant to select NG+ because it might have seemed like only +1 was the option. We have made it more user-friendly.
  • Vestiges are now disappearing gradually on each NG+ loop. So in NG+1, only 9 are removed. In NG+2, 14 are removed. In NG+3, there are no vestiges left except for Skyrest Bridge and Adyr's Shrine.


  • We've optimized the general performance of Lumen in UE5 with the help of EPIC to gain an extra 1 or 2 ms of GPU processing throughout the game experience.
  • We've removed cast shadows from some Umbral meshes that didn't project any shadows (when against the wall or piled up) to increase FPS in certain areas.


  • We've made slight adjustments to the player's sprint animation to give it a more grounded look.


  • Improved visibility of ice crystal shards of a certain boss to help players identify threats more easily.


  • Enemy density adjustments have been made in the following locations: Redcopse, Sanctuary of Baptism, Pilgrim's Perch, Forsaken Fen, Fitzroy's Gorge, and Lower Calrath. Please note that these adjustments only apply to NG0. The game is still highly challenging, so you'll need to "git gud."
  • Fixed an issue in Pilgrim's Perch where a Hallowed Brother at the Sanctuary of Baptism was not respawning under certain circumstances.
  • Adjusted the region scalers for different marksmen at Pilgrim's Perch to ensure they are properly balanced in terms of difficulty.


  • Collisions have been improved in Fritzroy's Gorge to prevent players from getting stuck and to enhance navigation.
  • Blocking presets have been removed from environmental assets that provoked players to get micro-stuck in Upper Calrath. Better fitting blocking presets have been added for some dead corpses.
  • A collision has been adjusted for some rocks in the Fief of the Chill Curse that could cause players to get stuck when being hit in certain conditions.
  • Collision improvements on walls and ground tiles have been made in Upper Calrath to prevent players from having micro steps.


  • Blood trails that appear when hitting enemies have been refined to enhance the feeling of making an impact on an enemy.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the materials of several armor sets to enhance their visual quality without affecting performance (changes in shader parameters and textures).


  • A potential crash has been fixed, where if, for any reason, your inventory contained an invalid item, the game could crash.
  • Vestige Seedlings displayed in the equipment menu are now refreshed at a faster rate to prevent false positives.

Quality of Life

  • New items now feature a small icon to indicate that they are newly acquired.
  • On SteamDeck, the introduction of password input is now more ergonomic, utilizing Steam's virtual keyboard.

Console crossplay for Lords of the Fallen is supposed to be activated on October 30, 2023, with crossplay between all platforms following on November 2, 2023, so there is plenty left to be done for CI Games and Hexworks.