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Menace is the next turn-based tactical RPG from the makers of Battle Brothers

Overhype Studios moves from medieval fantasy to science fiction
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It’s gamescom week and you know what that means: There will be lots of announcements and updates as publishers and developers present their latest work to the public and the press. The makers of superb medieval mercenary simulator Battle Brothers – basically Mount & Blade with challenging turn-based combat – started things off on Monday by announcing Menace, their next project.

Menace is a turn-based tactical RPG in a sci-fi setting that sees players answer distress calls as they travel from planet to planet, rolling in to save the day with infantry, mechs, and tanks. Out on the galactic frontier, far away from the core worlds, no other help will arrive – but there is also no oversight or accountability.

Overhype Studios, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, built Menace based on all the popular elements from Battle Brothers – things like the army management, evolving characters, the sandbox gameplay, and the high degree of challenge – and expanded the game from there. Battlefields and armies will be larger than before and shown in 3D graphics, while the mysterious foe invading these outer regions of space will pose a threat to the player on the strategical as well as the tactical layer.

Both suppression and cover mechanics are present in the battles, which feature combined-arms warfare with infantry and vehicles working together. Just like Battle Brothers, Menace is going for lots of replayability value by having procedurally-generated missions and giving players tons of options when it comes to their playstyles, equipment, and allies.

Menace will come to PC via Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024 and is one of two games publisher Hooded Horse, known for its strategy game portfolio, is announcing around gamescom 2023.