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Minecraft update 1.21 will add the Bogged as a new mob

A poisonous skeleton archer
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Mojang has revealed that update 1.21 for Minecraft will feature a new mob called the Bogged. It’s a variant of the regular Skeleton Archer that lets poison arrows fly at players. This type of undead will appear in Trial Chambers – another addition coming with update 1.21 – as well as in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes.

Appropriately, the Bogged is greenish in color and has plants dangling from its bones. These guys probably have a bit of a smell to them after being stuck in stinky swamp mud for too long.

While update 1.21 has not been published yet, players interested in encountering the Bogged can play a preview build of the coming version by participating in the current Minecraft snapshot.

Minecraft screenshot showing a Bogged in the swamps.

Bogged will be haunting swampy biomes in the future.

How to play a Minecraft snapshot

If you want to try the snapshot containing the Bogged for yourself, you can easily do so from your Minecraft launcher by following these steps:

  1. Start the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Click "Installations".
  3. For snapshots: click "Snapshots".
  4. Start up Minecraft.

Player opinions seem divided on the Bogged. Some users are calling it a lazy addition like the introduction of the Cavern Spider, which is a similar reskin of an already existing monster. Other players are simply excited about having a new mob in the game they can encounter and want Mojang to provide even more variations of enemies.

As always with such a huge diverse player base as Minecraft’s you’ll get opinions in pretty much every possible direction – it’s no wonder that Mojang is playing it so safe and slow with updates.