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Ghost - the skull-mask-wearing operative from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - has finally been unmasked by dataminers. 

Ever since the launch of the latest Call of Duty, people across social media have been simping, creating fan reels and video edits based around the mysterious special forces operative. 

It appears to have been triggered by a line of dialogue in Modern Warfare 2, where one character asks him to take his mask off

"You ugly?" they ask

"Quite the opposite," Ghost replies, cool as a cucumber. 

Anyway, thanks to Reddit, now we know the truth - Ghost definitely looks like a Stuart. 


Probably not quite what you expected, eh? That's because his face is modeled after Samuel Roukin, the actor who plays him in Modern Warfare 2. Not a Stuart, then. Still, who knew Ghost had such a nice haircut? 

Whether this will lead to more Warzone 2 review bombs remains to be seen. 

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Cheers, PCGN.