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Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida teased a potential Final Fantasy XIV crossover with the upcoming RPG during a recent PAX East panel (thanks, GamesRadar). Someone asked Yoshida if Square Enix was planning a Final Fantasy 16 event in the MMO, and Yoshida’s response suggests they probably are.

“I am the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, of course, if there was the opportunity, I'd love to, but I can't decide all on my own,” Yoshida said. “That means that I'd have to go to the producer of Final Fantasy XVI and ask him "may I please?" I've heard rumors that this producer of Final Fantasy XVI is going to be at PAX too. If I see him later I'll definitely ask.

Yoshida is also Final Fantasy 16’s producer. In other words, he’d like to do a crossover, and the decision lies with him.

Fans also asked Yoshida what games he might like to include elements from in future Final Fantasy XIV events, and he mentioned interest in Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 9 - contrary to the belief that he dislikes the series' older entries

Outside a few glamour items, neither classic game has made much of an appearance in FFXIV, though with rumors of a Final Fantasy 9 remake and the animated series still floating in the ether somewhere, that might change sooner rather than later.

Final Fantasy 16 launches exclusively for PS5 on June 22, 2023. A PC port is in the works, but likely won't release until much later after the PS5 exclusivity deal ends.