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Nascar on Roblox is a thing now, as the stock racing association launches its first virtual venture in partnership with the award-winning Jailbreak developers. The two teamed up to create Nascar’s Speed Hub, which they describe as a social experience meant to connect racing fans with each other, the cars they love, and compete in a handful of mini-games.

“This is the next step in expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse and engaging with the community in unique and creative ways,” Nick Rend, Nascar’s managing director of gaming and esports, said in a press release. “We want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to manifest their passion for NASCAR racing their own way. Speed Hub on Roblox is an exciting new space that lets players create and evolve their NASCAR story on their terms.”

Players can compete in a time-trial game to earn event currency to customize their cars with and, in Gran Turismo 7 style, learn about Nascar and the sport in general. Nascar also partnered with other games and developers for the “Quest for Diamonds” mini-game, where players can grab diamonds in participating partner games, and Jailbreak players who complete the time trial game can get a Nascar skin back in jailbreak

Nascar's Roblox move comes a few weeks after the NFL launched an American football management-sim mode on Roblox and partnered with Saweetie for a Super Bowl concert, and it follows a trend of major brands and organizations trying to reach new audiences through the platform. The Nascar and Jailbreak teams plan on adding new official content to the hub, along with user-created content and games in the future.