New Lego Animal Crossing sets feature K.K. Slider

Everybody liked that

More Lego Animal Crossing sets are on the way, and K.K. Slider takes the spotlight, along with the Switch game’s mascot Isabelle. The new Lego Animal Crossing sets are based on the Town Hall, traditionally Isabelle’s domain in the games she appeared in and the site of K.K. Slider’s weekly performances where you can request a tune and a bootleg copy of it.

The Town Hall set includes an Audie – peppy wolf villager – figure, an RV, and a cafe stand, alongside the dog star and Isabelle. Lego added a disclaimer to the announcement trailer saying that Lego K.K. Slider doesn’t sing or move, in case the footage of him singing and moving had you wondering.

A second new set casts the Dodo Airlines tower in Lego form and includes a jetty, along with Lego figures of Wilbur, one of Dodo Airlines’ employees, and Tangy, a popular peppy cat who resembles an orange.

The airline set also includes a Dodo Seaplane.

Both new Lego Animal Crossing sets are planned for release sometime in August 2024. Nintendo and Lego haven’t announced prices for either. Existing sets range in price from $19.99 for an outdoor activities set featuring popular character Bunnie to $74.99 for a set that includes Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s house.

Josh Broadwell


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