Predicting the real name of the Nintendo Switch 2

We have some (slightly silly) predictions for what the true name of the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor is.

The Nintendo Switch 2 – being referred to officially as the “Nintendo Switch successor” – has been officially announced. We have, of course, had boatloads of rumors in the months and years leading up to this announcement, and we still don’t actually know anything beyond the fact that Nintendo will announce it this fiscal year.

Based on the very little we can glean from rumors and our own speculation, the team has come together to submit some of their very best ideas for the real name of the Nintendo Switch successor. Will it just be the Nintendo Switch 2, or will it be something far more ridiculous? Only time will tell, but we’re hoping that the real name is somewhere on this list.

1. Money Maker 9000 – Marco Wutz

I like how Marco is thinking with this. I mean, the Nintendo Switch made money, and I’m sure Nintendo is hoping that the successor will repeat that success. Probably not great for marketing, mind.

2. Switch Up – George Young

I like this, honestly. You can already imagine “Up-Exclusive” sticker on boxes. Maybe “Only On Up” with some arrow branding. It’s also a nice play on “upgrade” and, we assume, that the new console will be able to upgrade our existing games, to some extent.

3. Switch 2 – Oliver Brandt

Boo, too safe. I mean, this would honestly be a solid naming scheme, but it’s fairly unlike Nintendo. Which is probably why the company has struggled to release successor consoles in the past.

4. SwitchTU – George Young

This one reminds me of Banjo-Tooie, which is why I like it. Like that game, however, it might be a bad idea. I guess I would also need a solid reason for the “TU” instead of, like… the number two.

5. Super Switch – Rahul Majumdar

Solid idea, and of course there’s precedent for this with the NES and Super NES successor. However, Oliver pointed out that the acronym is “SS” which… could be taken the wrong way, internationally.

6. Switcheroo – Rahul Majumdar

It’s catchy, right? Switcheroo. It just rolls off the tongue. It’s the kind of name that makes me question what kind of gimmick the console has – I mean, you know it’s going to have a gimmick.

7. Switch FC 25 – Paolo Sirio

Paolo likes football – or soccer, whatever – and that comes through here. The man has only ever known annual releases, he can’t imagine anything but.

8. Nintendo Switch 1 – Marco Wutz

I mean, Xbox did it, why not Nintendo? Why not, huh?

9. SWiitch – Rahul Majumdar

Who let this man cook?

10. Nintendo Clips – Dave Aubrey

Those rumors of magnetic controllers have got me. The click of the Nintendo Switch’s JoyCon, which is shared in the marketing, is brilliant, and I think Nintendo needs something similar. If we’re not going to see a “Switch 2”, then we need some strong branding. I imagine a strong magnetic clip that will attach the controllers to the console, and hopefully, that will be emphasized by a click sound emitted by the machine. It’ll feel more advanced, while still being the same solid idea.

11. Nintendo Share – Dave Aubrey

The ease of those controllers coming off makes me think the console will focus on making local play easy even more. I also think that Everybody 1-2-Switch’s mobile device controllers might be an option. I believe it’ll focus on giving more people the ability to play, possibly with individual screens, and therefore it should be called the Nintendo Share. Or, Nintendo Switch Share. Something that makes you want to sit and play with people.

12. Wii U 2 – Dave Aubrey

Same reasons as above, but even sillier. Five screens. Thanks.

Dave Aubrey


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