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Pokémon Go’s maximum item and Pokémon storage capacity has been increased

Players can expand their inventory ahead of GO Fest 2023
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GO Fest 2023 is coming up and – as is tradition – the annual mega event is likely to bring player inventories in Pokémon Go to their limits: Users want to stock up on as many Pokéballs, Lures, and Incenses as possible to be prepared for the festivities, straining the capacity of their item storage. At the same time, the introduction of Pokémon with different sizes and their usefulness in PokéStop Showcases has massively increased the demand for Pokémon storage space as well.

Thankfully, Niantic has come in with a timely expansion of both the item storage space and the Pokémon storage capacity in Pokémon Go. You’ll be able to carry around 500 additional items and creatures after upgrading your backpack to the maximum capacity.

These bag upgrades must be purchased from the in-game store for PokéCoins. Each capacity upgrade in the store costs 200 PokéCoins and expands your respective inventory by 50 slots – yes, upgrades for the item storage and Pokémon storage must be bought separately.

That means you’ll need to invest 4,000 PokéCoins if you already were on the previous maximum capacity limit and want to reach the new one. If you don’t need the additional space immediately, it might be a prudent decision to be a bit patient: Bundles combining the bag upgrades with some items are sometimes offered in the store, allowing you to save some PokéCoins and get a bit of a better deal.

In case you want to buy PokéCoins with real money to make these purchases, it’s best to use Niantic’s web store for larger amounts of in-game currency.