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The Pokémon Company has canceled this weekend’s event Tera raids, after a game-breaking bug caused the raids to be paused earlier today. The company has since announced that the raids will be canceled altogether, and new versions of the raid events will be held at a later date.

The official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account tweeted the following statement, translated by DeepL:

"Due to the glitch, this event will not be held this weekend. Future actions for this event, including plans for rescheduling, will be announced at a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

The cancellation affects not only the Iron Treads and Great Tusk raids that were introduced this weekend and featured a major bug, but the second wave of the 7-Star Chesnaught raid. The latter is a particularly big blow to fans, as Chesnaught is not normally available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and many players wait for the second weekend of an event to participate.

The bug had players complaining of total game crashes after catching Iron Treads or Great Tusk when participating in the raid online. The issue seems to be caused by the game trying to generate TM materials as a raid reward, but all Paradox Pokémon do not have materials to pull from.

As such, players were given an item simply labeled ‘None’, and their games would crash upon exiting the raid and re-entering the game world. The bug is not known to cause any data corruption, but unsaved progress could be lost in the process, and players did not get to keep the caught Pokémon.

It’s likely that any future rescheduling of the event will come after Pokémon Home support for Scarlet and Violet is introduced next week. Once Home support is implemented, players will be able to transfer in Pokémon like Chesnaught without having to obtain them in raids. That’s likely to take some of the allure away from big raid events like this, which have largely focused on currently unobtainable Pokémon.