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Valve writer wants Portal 3 but doesn't have support

According to Erik Wolpaw, Valve's flat structure makes it difficult to get games greenlit

It's been over a decade since the launch of Portal 2, one of the best co-op games ever made, and it doesn't look like we're getting a sequel any time soon. 

Portal writer Erik Wolpaw wants to make another sequel, but he says Valve's structure makes it difficult to get new projects off the ground. 

Valve boasts a flat structure, where every person is on equal footing. If you want something made, the project has to get enough people excited to voluntarily work on it. 

portal 2

"In a flat structure like Valve, there is an opportunity cost to doing anything," Wolpaw said on the My Perfect Console podcast (thanks, PC Gamer). "Whatever is going on at Valve right now requires the dedication and participation of the people working on it - and it's voluntary."

According to Wolpaw, Valve isn't the massive company it appears to be from the outside. As well as managing its digital distribution platform, Steam, there are also people keeping its live games - Dota 2 and CS:GO - alive. 

"And the freeform nature of Valve means that there are a lot of experiments that simply fail," he explained. "So things are happening - if you were inside Valve, you would think that stuff was always going on, because it is."

CS:GO still regularly breaks player number records, and Valve just announced a sequel, CS:GO 2