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PSN seems to have connection problems in some regions

Downloads seemingly aren’t working anymore
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Update (Dec. 8, 2023, 6:21pm CET): PSN services seem to be coming back online after earlier issues, which means you should be able to finally download PS5 games again and play online without issues.

Update (Dec. 8, 2023, 5:43pm CET): Sony has finally acknowledged ongoing issues with PSN, which keep players from downloading PS5 titles and playing online games. The official PSN status site now shows that "gaming and social" features as well as "PlayStation Store" features are having problems.

Original (Dec. 8, 2023, 3:33pm CET): It looks like PSN may be going down in some regions: Players have reported problems with downloading games on PS5, many experiencing error messages that tell them about the connection to the server being lost. While features like claiming free PS Plus games are still working, the actual download function of the store seems to be out of action at the moment. Online games, too, aren't working for many people. It seems like issues are restricted to PS5 games, as users appear to be able to download PS4 games as usual on their consoles.

Those issues seemingly haven’t hit all regions of the world, but the number of complaints on social media and reports on sites tracking the PSN status are rising. Users from Europe and the US both seem affected by the problems with error codes like CE-107982-7 and NW-102633-5 appearing.

Sony PS5 Slim with controller on white background.

PSN seems to be struggling in some regions right now.

Many players of Final Fantasy 16 want to download the RPG’s first DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, at the moment, which dropped yesterday during The Game Awards 2023. The Finals, a brand-new first-person shooter, and the LEGO Fortnite mode went all live yesterday as well, possibly adding to strain on the PlayStation Network, which already had to contend with huge Call of Duty update sizes this week.

PlayStation has so far not acknowledged any issues with PSN. We’ll keep this developing story updated as new information appears.