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Best free online games on the browser

Online games are easy to fire up on almost any device, making them great for filling chunks of time when you can’t be playing a triple-A epic

Playing video games is not exactly a cheap hobby as both the needed hardware and software command prices that rise ever higher. Fortunately, online browser games are still available for free – and not just the ones from the days of your childhood either. The classics have been joined by whole host of new creative online titles you can sink your time into.

Sure, they’re often very limited in scope, but that leads developers to extract the most fun out of simple concepts. Here are some of the best online games you can enjoy in your browser or on the go.

However, if you're looking for a free way to spice up a game you've already bought, then you should have a look at the best Minecraft mods.

Browserquest screenshot.
Gartic Phone key art
A pixel-art dungeon.
Motherload fuelling station on the surface
Geoguessr by the Colosseum
Pokemon Showdown Lilligant and Porgon 2 versus Dusclops and Heatmor
Game of Bombs football powerup
No One Has to Die main characters
Quick Draw splash screen
10 More Bullets key art
Transformice crossing a pit with planks
This is the Only Level main level

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