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Twitch streamer QTCinderella has vowed to sue a porn site, which posted videos depicting deepfakes of her and several other streamers engaging in sexual activities without their consent.

Popular content creators Pokimane, Sweet Anita, and Maya Higa, who runs a podcast with QTCinderella, are among the other victims of these elaborate fake videos.

The deepfake porn site in question has gained notoriety overnight, because Atrioc, another big streamer on Twitch, was caught using it in a clip that quickly went viral. He has since apologized for this behavior and claimed that he “got morbidly curious” after getting an ad for the site, so he visited and even paid for using it.

QTCinderella went live on her own stream after watching Atrioc’s apology and condemned the abuse of her and her fellow streamers’ likenesses for these purposes. She also criticized Atrioc for highlighting the website to an audience of thousands, reporting that she’s now being harassed by users sending her deepfake images of herself engaging in sexual activities.

"Fuck the fucking internet. Fuck the constant exploitation and objectification of women, it's exhausting. Fuck Atrioc for showing it to thousands of people. Fuck the people DMing me pictures of myself from that website. Fuck you all", she vented during the short and emotional broadcast.

She continued: "And to the person that made that website, I'm going to fucking sue you. I promise you, with every part of my soul. I'm going to fucking sue you."

While the UK is currently planning on regulating deepfake technology, criminalizing the usage of someone’s image to create explicit material without their consent, other regions in the world are yet to take such measures against this fairly recent technology and the unethical ways of using it.

Deepfake tech uses sample data and an AI to project a person’s face and voice onto an existing video, which can be very hard to detect if executed well. Alongside political misinformation, porn is one field which sees rising unethical usage of this tech, with female celebrities bearing the brunt of this sad development.