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Leon’s attache case is a key part of Resident Evil 4, and one dedicated fan decided to see how the horror game translates to real life. They tried creating Leon’s attache case based on a late-game build, where Leon has quite a few weapons and other helpful items and necessities. Naturally, they didn’t fit it all into an actual attache case (thanks, Eurogamer).

Reddit user AbatNaBitin posted their recreation laid out on a floor with foam tile pieces to help give an idea of how much space the items would take up, complete with eggs, herbs, and a wee Blåhaj that’s meant to represent a fish. Everything in the case plus AbatNaBitin took up nearly the entire floor from wall to wall.

Leon’s attache case in both versions of Resident Evil 4 is a violent version of Mary Poppins’ carpetbag. No matter how improbable the object or impossible the size, he manages to fit everything he needs in there. Rocket launcher in a suitcase? Sure, cram it in there next to the dozen eggs and three handguns.

As one commenter points out, though, it’s impressive how Capcom scaled the items down. Obviously, you won’t fit a revolver and a rocket launcher in a suitcase, but the amount of space they take up in AbatNaBitin’s simulation is relatively equal to the number of squares they occupy in Resident Evil 4.